We buy and sell devices of all conditions and volumes. Do business with a reliable partner that’s easy to work with and does business the right way.

Our Purchasing

Purchasing mobile electronics in bulk is a staple of our business. We purchase all volumes and grades. We currently purchase from three of the major four mobile carriers and also purchase from many retailers – both online and brick-and-mortarer. Our purchasing partners love us because our offers are consistently in-line with the market (or above), we have the capability to pay upfront and unless strenuous circumstances we never ask for credits.

We are mainly interested in iPhones and iPads, but have an international buyer base for all products.


Apple iPhones


Android Phones


Apple iPads


Other Devices

Our Process


Receive & Serialize Lot

Our first step when receiving product is to count and serialize it for accuracy. From beginning to end of our process every step is tracked and recored in our inventory system.


Data Clearing & Disposal

Every used lot we purchase goes through our data cleansing process to ensure all consumer or enterprise data is wiped off. We are an R2 Certified company and take data cleansing extremely serious. To date, we’ve had no violations.


Functional Test

For the buyers that want the added assurance, we put our devices through a 60 point functional test using the industry leading software PhoneCheck. If a functional problem is identified we isolate the device and have our level-two triage team correct the issue and then run the phone through PhoneCheck until all functional issues are corrected.


Assess Cosmetic Condition

Sometimes looks are everything! For enterprise and direct-to-consumer buying partners we assess the cosmetic condition of all units. Unless noted beforehand, we do level one and level two repair to improve the cosmetic condition of our units, thereby increasing the value.

Who We Sell To

We’ve developed a wide array of buyers in many channels and markets across the world.

Global Distributors

We enrich the world by working with Global Distributors that purchase in bulk to enable countries to have access to the latest and greatest mobile technology at less than full retail price.


Instead of the phones and mobile electronics ending up in landfills, we sell to certified recyclers that reuse and/or properly dispose of materials.
In many mobile electronics you may find precious metals and other reusable components.


Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. We supply many enterprise companies with a reliable cost-effective means for sourcing mobile devices for their workforce.

Answers to Your Questions

What conditions are the phones you sell in?

We sell phones in all conditions. We are unique in the sense that we can cater a phone lot to your exact need. We have A, B, C, & D grade, functional and non-functional phones.

Do you repair all phones you purchase and sell?

We only repair phones as requested by our buying partners. Some buying partners want their phones untouched in the exact condition from the carrier, others want full repair.

We are located outside the U.S, can we still buy from you?

Yes, we work with companies from all over the world.

Are you R2 certified?

Yes, we are ISO….

Do we need to be R2 certified to purchase from you?

Only when buying phones and electronics that contain consumer data. We attempt to clear all devices we receive. In rare cases, a functional issue prevents a devices from being cleared. Uncleared units are only sold to R2 Certified companies.

How do we see what you have in stock?

Email us here and we can share our availability.


2901 Summit ave., STE 100

Plano, Tx 75074



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