We have developed a cosmetic and functional grading system to offer our customers an empowered buying experience

iPhone Grades

Cosmetic Grade Screen Bezel/frame Back Charge port
  • No visible scratches
  • Like new
  • Like new
  • No wear
  • Hairline scratches acceptable
  • Small spots/scratches <1mm acceptable, no dents
  • Hairline scratches acceptable
  • Slight wear
  • Light scratches acceptable
  • Small spots/pits/chips acceptable, no dents
  • Light scratches acceptable
  • Moderate wear
  • Multiple scratches acceptable
  • Multiple pits, minor dent/dings acceptable
  • Heavy scratches acceptable, moderate discoloration acceptable
  • Heavy wear

*Criteria is Measured by Holding the Device From a Distance of 20″

Functions Tested

All grades are fully functional and tested


  • Powers On, Data Wiped
  • No Activation Locks
  • Battery Health ≥85%
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Face ID Recognition
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • LCD Display
  • Touchscreen
  • Backlight
  • Digitizer
  • Charge Port
  • All Buttons Tested
  • All Cameras Tested
  • Vibration Tested
  • Speaker/Microphone
  • GPS
  • Proximity Sensor

Grade Examples


Front: no visibile scratches

Bezel/frame: like new


Back: like new

Charging port: no wear


Screen: hairline scratches

Bezel/frame: <1mm spots/scratches, no dents

Back: hairline scratches

Chargeport: slight wear




Screen: light scratches

Bezel/frame: small spots/scratches/pits/chips, no dents

Back: light scratches

Charge port: moderate wear


Screen: normal wear, multiple scratches

Bezel/frame: multiple chips, minor dents

Back: heavy scratches, minor dents and dings


Charge port: heavy wear


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