We help retailers turn inventory headaches into revenue opportunities.

Our Services Work Together To Benefit You , The Retailer.

Returns, warranty exchanges and device trade-ins create headaches and lost revenue for many retailers. Working with a partner like Trillion can ease this inventory stress and turn loss into recaptured revenue.

Processing & Sorting

Reclaim time, energy and space in your warehouse. Chances are your returns and exchanges gets tossed into pallet mixing the good and the bad. We can sort, segment and test your returned mobile electronics enabling you to extract value and revenue instead of aging and costing you dollars.

Device Repair

Don’t let pennies cost you dollars. Our repair services can extend the lifecycle of your most precious mobile electronic inventory. We use quality parts and can handle everything from board repair, to lcd replacement, battery replacement and cosmetic improvement.

Data Clearing

Join us in the fight against data exposure. We are an R2 certified company that takes data clearing and disposal very seriously. Whether you are an enterprise company needed company data erased or a retailer needing returns data cleansed, our processes and software can get the job done.

R2 Certified

Trillion’s facility in Dallas is R2v3 Certified meaning that our process and paperwork is up to standard when clearing consumer and other data from electronics.

Answers to Your Questions

We only need two of your three services, is this possible?

Yes. While we recommend all three services in conjunction with one another, we can create a custom solution to need the needs of your business.

Will you liquidate our overstock and returned mobile phones also?

Yes. We have a strong and diverse buyer base. If needed, we can liquidate your overstock and your returns also. We can structure as a transition fee or profit-sharing.

Can you store the inventory you process also?

Yes. we can store your inventory in our warehouse after processing and sorting if needed (as an added service). Some of our partners prefer for us to process and then ship to their warehouse, others would rather us handle the full logistics – store the inventory then ship it to it’s final destination.

Where is your facility located?

Our facility is located at 13626 Neutron Rd, Dallas, TX 75244. We take visitors by appointment only.


2901 Summit ave., STE 100

Plano, Tx 75074


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