About Us

Who we are and what drives us to keep going.

Our Core Principles


Honest Business Practices

There is nothing more valuable than a good name. We strive to do the right thing in every situation whether the outcome is in our favor or not.


Frictionless Partnerships

This industry is built on partnerships and collaboration. We pride ourselves and being transparent and easy to work with.


Committed to Data Integrity

Business and consumer data is private and belongs to the respective party. We’ve developed surefire process and methods to data cleanse all devices we process.

Come Meet Us

We are frequent exhibitors at industry trade-shows and conferences such as CTIA/Mobile World Congress and CeBIT. We partner with gsmExchange TradeZone, below is an interview  conducted by gsmExchange.

Why Choose Us

The Right Certifications

We are OHSAS 18001:2007, R2 and ISO 14001:2015 certified (US/Hong Kong).

Experience & Reputation

We are a cashflow positive company that can purchase any volume of product with upfront payment terms.

Industry Leader

Our refined and industry-tested processes deliver exceptional results for us and our partners, and we continuously strive to be the best in the industry.

Companies We Work With

Trillion primarily does business with 30+ US vendors including Gamestop, Brightstar, Gazelle, Outerwall, AT&T, T-Mobile, Hyla Wireless, Best Buy, and Sprint. We also do business with many European and Canadian vendors.

Let's Work Together!

Let’s discuss ways we can build a profitable partnership. Whether you are looking to take advantage of our top notch services, sell us product or purchase product from us, contact us today.


Plano, TX 75074



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